Complete membership waivers for the 2008/2009-project season.

How to become a member

Example: John Doe (performer/pianist)

  1. Register for an audition
  2. John auditions and becomes a member ( Only audition once )
  3. John searches for projects in the Cadence Hall
  4. He chooses a project
    ( 4-piece band of piano, bass, guitar, & drums to record a song )
  5. He performs the project         

Then he has the option of repeating steps 3 – 5 at his own discretion until he renews his membership.


Online registration for membership is not available and will be following the start of the 08/09-project season. Check Billboard for further information about registration.

First fill out the online registration application and submit it. Registration applications can also be mailed or fax to the following address:  

1485 NW 53rd St. suite N
Miami, Fl 33142

Memberships are conditional upon auditioning. Registration ensures an audition placement. By checking the billboard, audition times and locations can be reserved.

*Note audition is only for entering members. A member would not have to audition more than once.


 Auditions are recorded and are typically held in the fall; however, off-season auditions are available upon request. A basic evaluation of an audition performance takes place  prior to becoming a member.

The audition criteria is as follows:


1 prepared song
Be prepared to perform material given by the proctor
*Vocalist must perform prepared pieces accapella


2  Prepared short monologues
Be prepared for a cold reading of material given by the proctor


Prepare a routine (no more than 3 min.)         
Be prepared to demonstrate basic instructions given by proctor


Prepare to demonstrate runway abilities
* Dress to impress

A complete preparation list for  auditioning is below.

Audition Preps

Audition Preparation List

The priority of the auditions is to evaluate and to assess individual talents and skill levels. In most cases audition are set up in following:

  • Anyone can audition
  • No group auditions
  • Presentation must be (2-4 min.) and memorized
  • An acceptable basic knowledge of one’s artistry must be exhibited
  • Every audition is evaluated and membership is declared subsequent

Participants not initiated in the organization will have the opportunity to audition again the following year.

*All audition schedules will be announced on the Billboard.


Participants entering the music division must prepare a song of any given genre or style to be performed by memory. Instrumentalist and vocalist will not be accompanied by another instrument nor will audition as a group. Once prepared pieces have been demonstrated, the proctor will ask participants to demonstrate material previously unknown to the participant. This will demonstrate the participant’s ability to improvise and show he or she’s capability to adapt to any situation commonly incurred in the industry. Sight-reading as an instrumentalist is not mandatory; however, basic reading of chord charts and/or chord progressions should be demonstrated.

Related Artist:

Spoken Word
Rap Artist


Auditions for film and/or theatre require participants to memorize 2 oratorical pieces or monologues prior to auditioning. Participants should exhibit an acceptable level of stage presence and interpretation of works being performed. Proctor will provide material for a cold reading in which participants will demonstrate their abilities to improvise.

            Related Artist:



Dancers auditioning should prepare a routine, no longer than 3 minutes, demonstrating their abilities. Dancers have the option of performing their routine with or with out music accompaniment provided on a CD or Cassette tape. If accompaniment is used, it should fit the given time limit per dancer.


Models of every size are asked to prepare for auditioning by submitting a photo and resume, which will not be returned. Participants are asked to dress fashionably for a mini photo session as their audition.

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