About us

Aepan is an organization that recognizes the need for talent to be discovered and developed through means that would allow abilities to grow and be nurtured. Its founder Brandan Morris has establish this organization to be a place of discovery for talented individuals that would otherwise have no means to express their gifts. " It's like the minor leagues for the arts, but that does not have a bearing on the contribution that this organization offers to its members." Morris explains, "Back then the arts were only for the professionals. And recently just over the past 60 years an artist had resources provided by the companies that signed them at their disposal. Now a days you have to be a full packaged and have a my-space page in order to get attention. With an organization like this in place artists have advantages and resources at their disposal without being obligated or bound by any contract or agreement outside of their membership. That's why members will be the true American Idols because AEPAN gives them the opportunity to build on what they have, at their own pace even if they aren't necessarily industry material."


Morris recalls that the birth of AEPAN started in high school sometime during his sophomore year, but he asserts that it progressed into shape during his senior year. "The problem was that I felt that I was good enough as a performer to make a living and possibly a career as a performer; however, I realized quickly how life can cause you to consider other career possibilities just so you can make financial ends meet."  Then an opportunity came in the form of a friend who was seeking someone to manage a local band. "Those guys was the reason why I had to create this organization," said Morris. "They all fit the criteria to perfection. All of them were juniors in high school and their only means of making money was performing at local venues or participating in church events. The reality of maintaining a career after graduating was dawning on them every single moment and they wanted to, at the very least, have a means of steady income by doing what they enjoyed to do, music." Now as their new manager, Morris made a pivotal move that would forever commemerate Rakeem Collins, Lesly Denavar, Shaka Lee, and Kamilah Kennedy as the first members of AEPAN. He organized rehearsals, studio sessions, and live performances most of which was being funded by him. He insisted that they performed new material and arranged materials that were covered to preserve their own identity.

In the spring of 2006, Morris was sought to organize the music arrangements for the wedding and reception of Pastor Carol Nash-Lester and Charles Lester. Morris, who had just recently gain acceptance into Berklee College of Music, used this opportunity to show off his band and it's potential to perform various original selections. In the end, it was the song ‘Walk My Season's With You' that captivated listeners as sung by Kamilah, which was exclusively written, by Morris, as a dedication to the bride and groom. Standing ovations followed weeks thereafter, but soon faded as the euphoria of graduation became a reality.


Currently, Morris has expanded the idea of AEPAN significantly to incorporate people having or possessing a talent that seek to use it professionally or recreationally. Virtually it's open to all applicants prior to becoming a member. Even now, Morris devotes himself to his artist by accounting for their needs as a performer while taking into consideration of their daily lives. He does reiterates that the organization is not for members who are hoping to get rich. However, for individuals who are talented in what they do, it has the potential to open up avenues whether it is financial, educational, and/or career development ones.

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