All questions can be forwarded through customer service by customerservice@aepan.org

I like to perform for pleasure. Can I still become a member?
Yes. Though you have to display a level of skill with your talent you will have the same opportunities and the finest instruction afforded to you by our staff.       

How many times do I have to audition?
All members audition once.

How do I set up an appointment for an audition?
To apply, simply visit the billboard section at the www.aepan.org website and locate your city or county. Complete and submit the registration form located on the screen.

Can I mail in a video for my audition?
Because physical auditions are effective in the critiquing process, we allow only video auditions for individuals that cannot be present due to imminent circumstances. Video audition guidelines can be obtained by visiting www.aepan.org.

Can I audition as a group?
A group can audition individually, but there are no group auditions.

How long will it take for me to find out if I’m a member?
Membership results are given after the following audition critique. Video auditioners may request to either receive their results by email, phone, or fax in which case may be as early as 14 business days.

How to submit an exclusive project?
Members can submit an exclusive project by logging online into their Cadence Hall account. After choosing the type of project (Music, Film/Theatre, Dance, and Fashion) click the exclusive projects icon and complete the information.

What happens to the projects after completion?
After a project is completed, it commences into the postproduction stage in which projects are mastered and engineered for possible promotional uses. Only material resembling outstanding performance will be considered for these uses.

Will I be able to get a CD or DVD copy of all the performances I completed?
Yes. When postproduction is completed, members will get a demo copy of all the projects they participated in during the project season. In some cases, projects may not be available for release due to pending issues. A full copy of any material can be purchased online at Center.AEPAN.org/, or can be mailed directly.

What can I do with the material I recorded after it’s released?
Members can use the material as a tool to secure gigs, record contracts, other performances, or any other means that does not violate the terms of membership. Members are PROHIBITED in manufacturing, selling, and/or distributing project materials produced by AEPAN and it’s affiliate divisions for compensation.

How much compensation do members get per project?
Members adhere to the terms of the membership policy by acknowledging that they understand projects are not to be done under the assumption for compensation. 

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